Thursday, February 2, 2012

My lucky fishing beard

A couple of weeks ago, I was snowed in with the kids. No school for me means no school for them. With all that free time, I decided to grow a beard. I told my wife that maybe I wouldn't shave until I caught a steelhead on my new two-handed rod, but then I realized that I might end up looking like Santa Claus before it was all over.

But then I caught a steelhead--on the Skagit River of all places.  Indeed, until I got a good look at my fish, I thought it was a dolly varden.

Now I'll never shave my lucky steelhead beard.

I caught my hatchery steelhead while I was swinging a purple egg sucking moal leech on my 13' 8 weight. The fish was 25" long and it fed about 6 people.

Now I want to catch a native steelhead on my new rod. Can't shave until then!

Let's have just one more look: