Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's my little rock & roll: The T & A Rainbow

Recently I ordered the DVD, "Articulated Streamers with Kelly Galloup," from Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn Fly Shop. These are my first attempts at the T & A Rainbow. I'm looking forward to fishing these flies this spring for northern pike and bass. I've just finished a couple of Articulated Zoo Cougars as well. Once I've mastered the Zoo Cougars, I plan to move on to the Swimmy Jimmy. I wish I had less time to tie flies and more time to fish.

Photos by Scott Krashan.


  1. Oh Baby. Do those ever look good...

    Swing that at the UC. Zoo Cougar too.

  2. I could easily imagine PO pike running that fly down.. if a bass doesn't beat him too it....