Thursday, November 1, 2012

Columbia Basin Bass and Carp, June 2012

This June my good buddy Scott and I headed to the Columbia River Basin and camped at Potholes State Park. We were off to a great start when I landed this largemouth along the reeds in one of the lakes just off an irrigation canal.

I was especially pleased to find success with my weedless jig-fly I had tied just for this lake. This fly uses black and purple rubber legs, flashabou, and marabou. I've been amazed at how effective it can be. I can pull it through all sorts of cover, but when I set the hook, it connects. It's very cool to see your line move to the side when a bass picks up this fly.

Next, we were off to Moses Lake to chase carp and smallmouth. We were sight fishing to cruisers in relatively deep water. The fish would rise almost to the surface and then go back into the depths. Our expectations were low. I tried various flies until I finely settled on Mr. P's Carp Carrot.  I put the fly somewhere out in front of this fish, and then fly and fish disappeared into the dark waters.

A while later, I lifted my rod to cast at a random moment and it was fish on, and fair hooked! I struggled to lift this fish out of the net, but I finally just cradled her like a monster baby. My net was bent, my hoodie had slime all over it, but I was thrilled.
My version of Mr. P's Carp Carrot.

Later that day we tossed Murdich Minnows for smallmouth along the rock piles. We picked up a few smaller fish like the above, but I lost the big one, a smallie that must have gone at least 4 lbs. Note to self: big smallmouth like to take the fly on the drop; be prepared.

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  1. I would take slime on my hoodie any day from a Carp like that! Very nice James.